10 things to blog about when you don’t know where to start

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We’re going to look at some of the different things you can talk about on your blog and how that can build a following which brings more visitors (traffic) to your website.

If you read my last post, ‘5 Reasons your business needs a blog’, you know a blog is a good way to keep your website content fresh and show your knowledge and expertise to your visitors. So you now have a blog on your website and whether you set this up yourself or your web designer designed something eye catching and added it to your site, you need to start blogging.

What do I blog about?

I get asked this question a lot. The key to successful blogging is consistency and posting content that your audience/website visitors get value from. So what content is going to bring value, well that depends on your target audience, here are some ideas which can be used for any business.

Let’s dive in!

10 things to blog about (when you don’t know where to start)

10 things to blog about when you don’t know where to start

There are lots of different things you can blog about and depending on your business niche some will be more relevant than others. The following 10 things to blog about are in no particular order.



1. How to guides

A good ‘how to guide’ can be a great place to start and something that people, especially if it’s in video format. For example if you restore furniture it could be a guide on how to look after and clean your newly restored dresser. An interior designer could post a guide on how to declutter your bedroom.

2. Your Personal Stories

People love to know about the person behind the business/brand. Talk about how you came to set up your business, If you have had a challenging day blog about it and what you learned from the experience. If people can relate to you and feel they know you in some way they are more likely to buy your product/book your service.

3. Reviews

Reviewing a product or service related to your business or that your target audience would appreciate can be vaulable content on your blog. You can ask readers to add their experience in the comments section of your post.

It could be a review of a new child friendly cafe if your target audience is new mums or mums with toddlers etc.. What can you review that those buying your product or service would appreciate?


4. Tips & Tricks

Everyone likes a tip or trick to make life easier. For example if you are a service based business selling house insurance it could be tips to ensure your home insurance covers all you need.

If you are a product based business it could be tricks to keeping clothes looking new for example.


5. Events & Exhibitions

Attending industry based events and exhibitions where you can then blog about the day, meeting clients face to face, exciting ‘finds’ you made, recommendng others to go to an event/don’t go to an event.

It also shows your reader that you are keeping current and know your industry/market.


6. Guest Bloggers

This is a good way to expand your following and gives you credibility. Asking someone who you respect within your industry/market and who’s opinion/knowledge your audience values, to post on your blog, can be gold. And vice versa!

7. Case Studies

This works like a testimonials and is proof you know what you are doing and you have worked successfully with other people.

A case study is a great way to show your audience what it is like to work with you and the results you can achieve for them through illustrating what you have done for somebody else. It is always good to name drop brands involved, company and individual names if you have permission to do so.


8. Client Projects

Promoting and talking through your most recent client project or new products your offering is another thing you can blog about. Giving examples of before and after where possible is good to show where your service or product has added value to/solved a problem for that client. For example interior redesigns, a new product developed and company rebrand.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Answering questions that you get asked all the time is a good way to show your expertise and what clients/customers can expect when working with you or purchasing a product. You could take one particular question and give an indepth answer to the question linking back to pages on your website that support/relate to the question you are addressing.

10. Trends

Finally, you can use your blog to post about trends in your industry/niche. This could be colour/brand trends in paint you use to renovate the furntiure you sell, interiors print trends, new safety measures in baby products which you implement etc..

That rounds up my list of 10 things to blog about (when you don’t know where to start). Have you got any more ideas I can add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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