5 ways to improve your website conversions

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What do I mean by website ‘conversions’?

A conversion is when a visitor to your website completes an action you want them to take, will be different for different businesses and business goals. For you it could be get more people to sign up for your freebie to get them on to your email list, it may be getting them to book a call with you, to view your services/sales page or to buy a product or course from you.

You may have heard the term ‘conversion rate’, this is the percentage of your visitors who take action on your website.

5 ways to improve your website conversions - Website Strategy by sm web designs
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1. Look professional

Does your website make a good first impression? Having a professional looking website gives credibility, looks like you know and care what you’re doing, it makes the visitor feel that everything is legit. Make sure that your experience and skills are visible in your aesthetic, as well as your words. People will make judgement based on the look and function of your website, it is one of the first places someone will ‘check you out’. First impressions count!

2. Know your website goal

What exactly is your website goal, what is it you want people to do when they land on your website? Are you launching a new business and looking to generate sales, creating a membership platform to serve content to your members, selling your own products or to act as an online portfolio?

Make sure that every page works towards your website goal and leads people to taking that action. Plan it out first, be strategic with your text and call to actions. Make it as easy as possible for that person to take the action you want them to and navigate your website.

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3. Be crystal clear

You don’t want time wasters or people that just aren’t your ideal client.

Make it really obvious what you do, who you do it for and the end result. You have a 4 second window from someone first landing on your website and making the decision to stay and read on or click away.

“I am (your name & title), helping (your ideal client) to (the results you achieve for them).”

4. Call to action

This is something I come across a lot when I am doing site redesigns, no or not enough ‘calls to action’. A call to action is a button or pop up that tells the visitor to your site what you want them to/do next and leads them through to that next step.

Your website goal call to action should be at least once on every page.

You need to use direct, actionable, language on your call to actions – nothing ambiguous or too clever. For example; ‘Click here to..’, ‘Book free call now’, ‘Sign up to instantly get my free guide’ etc..


5. Lead generation

In marketing terms there are 7 interactions before someone is ready to convert/buy from you.

A way to increase interactions with someone is to ask them for their email address to nurture them once they leave your website (secondary website goal). Offer something in exchange for their email address. Make it visible, put it inside your blog posts. Like this ↓↓

On my own website I use Flodesk* to create sign up forms and automated workflows to add people to my email list and then send them a sequence of emails over a week or so (a nurture sequence) introducing myself, who I help and how.

It is important to track/monitor these conversions through Google Analytics, your email marketing platform or other online tools to check your website is being effective and getting you the desired results. Are visitors signing up to your lead magnet? How many visitors to your site actually go on to book a call? 

I’d love to know if this has helped you to focus your website and to really think what do you want visitors to do to help grow your business.

Sarah x

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