Website Basics – Getting Started

Morning! I’m starting a mini series of guides and website basics for you if you are wanting or launching a new website into the world. The guides will cover things you need to know, options to consider and tips to help get your website found.

So, let’s start with the basics and build up from there.

What actually is a website?

A website isn’t just one thing. It is a collection of linked web pages (these pages are made up of html code, your words, images and videos). These pages are uploaded and published to a web server, this is where your website hosting comes in (I’ll talk more about hosting and domains in my next post), and are then viewed on the internet via a web browser and the domain name.

So, you give someone your web address (your domain name), they type it into their web browser (The most popular being Google Chrome) and the pages on the linked web server are displayed – your website comes up.

Web browser > Domain name > web server/hosting > website pages

Does my business really need a website?

In short, yep! Gone are the days where people pick up the yellow pages, flick through Thompson local or even ask someone when looking for information, a product or a service. First port of call is to pick up their mobile, open the laptop or sit at their Pc/Mac and search on Google.

More website basics, why do people use websites?
People use websites when looking for information (for example looking for a plumber or a recipe for chocolate cake..) or to do something specific (buy new wellies, book a theatre ticket..). Therefore, if your business doesn’t have a website you are missing out on a marketing opportunity, on customers/clients, sales and potential business growth.

Over the next few weeks we will look at hosting and domains in more details, the structure of a website and how to get visitors to your website.

If you have questions I’d be happy to answer them and obviously if you need a website for your business get in touch! 😉