How to create a successful pre and post-launch plan for your website

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As 2021 comes to an end (phew!), you’re probably starting to focus on your business goals for 2022. If launching a new or refreshed website in the new year is top of your wish list then this post is for you. It’s a crowded and noisy place out there in the online space so you can’t just expect to put your site live and watch the visitors flood in. I can’t emphasise enough how much taking time to think about putting together a promotional plan for your website launch and doing the groundwork beforehand is key to its success. You’ll also need to think about a longer-term plan for promoting it post-launch. Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a pre and post launch marketing plan for your website? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered…
How to create a successful pre and post-launch plan for your website by sm web designs

Your launch plan should cover four main areas:

A social media strategy
An email strategy
Press coverage
IRL (In Real Life) events

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Successful Website pre-launch plan

There are several ways to promote your website before it launches:
How to create a successful pre and post-launch plan for your website - use social media

1. Use social media

Social media is a great way of teasing your audience before your website goes live. Consider posting content like countdowns to launch day and behind the scenes ‘sneak peeks’. The key with social media is to get creative. Video is particularly popular so try making some fun reels and short behind-the-scenes videos pre-launch, to reach as many followers as possible.

2. Use your email list

Make use of your existing email marketing list, if you have one, by sending out teaser emails and letting your subscribers know what you are doing and that you have a new website launching soon. Set up a ‘Coming Soon’ landing page that you can direct people to sign up, so that they get notified as soon as the site goes live.

3. In the press

Let the media know you’re coming! Okay so I wouldn’t suggest you necessarily take out a full-page ad in The Times but why not get in touch with your local paper and bloggers, influencers or podcasters who cover your industry/niche. This might be stepping out of your comfort zone but be bold – tell them what you’re doing and ask them to interview you for their channels.
How to create a successful pre and post-launch plan for your website - press coverage

4. Host an in real life (IRL) event

Throw a launch party! If you sell products then why not collaborate with other like-minded brands and host a pop-up shop at their space or a communal venue to sell them in-person. You could offer ‘on the day’ discounts for those who shop on-site. This is also the perfect opportunity for people to get insta-ready shots of your products to share on their socials.

Successful Website post-launch plan

Break out the champagne…your website is finally live! What’s next?

1. Social media

Shout about it – let followers across all of your social media channels know that your site is now live.
Lead generation and website strategy - sm web designs

2. Email

Offer an incentive for those on your email list to shop on your new site. For instance, you could send out a discount code that gives people free shipping on their first order or, if you’re a service-based business, then offering a downloadable freebie is another option.

3. Focus on driving traffic to your website

Use creative and innovative methods to highlight the benefits of what you are selling and to share the problem that it solves with your audience. The best way to do this is through content marketing, which is essentially showing your audience or ideal customer how you provide value to your clients by creating free content. This could take any form from insightful blog posts and videos to product ‘how-tos’ and client spotlights etc. Upload these on your website and then share links to them via your social channels (Instagram, Facebook etc) to drive traffic back to your site. Check out my recent blog post all about content marketing here.

4. Track your results (metrics)

Finally, don’t forget to track how things are going and analyse the results. Its critical to be able to see what’s working and converting into sales so that you don’t waste time. Not sure how to analyse whether your marketing strategy is working? Check out this useful blog post from Planoly on metrics you need to know as a business owner.

Track your metrics
Whether it’s a brand-new website you’re launching or an existing one redesigned, following these steps both pre and post launch will serve as a foundation for growth and help ensure your new site reaches its maximum potential. Sarah x