How to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics

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In this video, we’re going to look at, how to exclude your own IP address from Google analytics. So you may be thinking, what is an IP address? everyone/computer has a unique IP address, it’s like your postcode, like a home address, but on the internet. It is your IP address that Google is tracking across the internet.
How to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics by sm web designs

Don’t track yourself in Google Analytics!

So, you’ve set up Google Analytics on your website and it’s started to bring in the data on how many people are coming to your site, which pages they are viewing etc..

Step by step instructions to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics

We need to make sure that your own IP address isn’t included in that data. You know, for example, if you’re using, you know, checking your site 50 million times a day, then you know, you’ve got 50 million users coming to your website, but actually it’s all you, so that’s not useful data.

So, before we head over to Google Analytics, the first thing obviously we need to do is to find out what is your IP address.

This is how you find out what your IP address is


To this go into Chrome and type in ‘my IP’ and it will bring up a longish number that looks similar to this –

That is your IP address. So that’s the number that we need. That’s the address we need to exclude from Google analytics.

Add a filter in Goole Analytics

Right, now, we’ll go back to our Google analytics account.

On the Admin dashboard the main dashboard move all the way over to ‘view’ and down to ‘filters’ and click on filters.

We need to add a filter. So we’d click on the big red button, ‘add a filter’, and then we need to give the filter a name.

Next, we need to give our filter a name, ‘My IP address’. You can call it anything you like. Okay.

There we go, then select the following options:

  • filter type is predefined
  • select a filter type and it’s exclude because we don’t want that data to be included
  • select source or destination, we want to ‘traffic from IP addresses’
  • expression is, ‘equal to’.

We copy and paste in our IP address and click save.

Vola! Now, all the data that’s collected, won’t include your IP address/actions on your website in your data results.