How To Use Pinterest To Create An Inspiration Board For Your Branding & Website

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Creating an inspiration board is such a fun and important part of any project. An inspiration board is a way of consolidating your ideas, helping you get clear on what you actually want. Seeing all your ideas in one place can help the design process by quickly highlighting colours, fonts, patterns that do or don’t work together. There is no better tool than Pinterest to create one for yourself or your designer.

Why Pinterest?

I love Pinterest, I’m on it everyday – you can check out my boards here >>  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/smwebdesigns/

It is so easy to use and there is a wealth of information and inspiration from around the globe. Pinterest is a search engine (like Google) and not a social media platform. If you post something on Pinterest it is there forever to be continually shared. Pinterest is also a great way to drive visitors/traffic to your website, but more of that in another post.

By searching for patterns, colours, styles etc. and pinning images (‘pins’) you like, you can very quickly put together a unique inspiration board for your project. You can learn the basics here >> Learn the basics of Pinterest

Not on Pinterest yet, sign up here >> https://www.pinterest.co.uk

How To Use Pinterest To Create An Inspiration Board For Your Branding and Website by sm web designs

So, what should you pin?

Brand Keywords – Pinterest is a search engine for images so, you need to type in keywords or phrases in order to bring up relevant pictures. These should be your brand keywords, words you would like people to use to describe your brand. For example, modern, feminine, stylish.

Choosing colour palettes on Pinterest

Brand Colours – This doesn’t just mean you’re favourite colour. Search for colours that give the feel you are looking for, for example ‘fresh, wellbeing’ conjure up green colours in someones mind, ‘feminine’ and people tend to think pink and so on.

Brand Patterns & Textures – Using patterns and textures in your branding is a great way to make your brand immediately distinctive. They can be used across social media and printed items ensure brand consistency. They immediate give a sense of your brand style and help to attract your ideal customer.

Pinning patterns and textures for design inspiration on Pinterest

Brand Fonts – Similar to the logos above, pin fonts and typography styles that appeal to you. Fonts are an important part of your brand design, a font can completely change the look of a whole design. It’s important to get it right.

Logo Inspiration – Pin a few logos (no more than10) that you like and comment as to why you like them. Are you looking for a clean, modern logo or something that has a more vintage or period look. Are you looking for just a text based logo or something more ornate? These are for inspiration only, not for you or your designer to copy!

We Make - logo by sm web designsLived & Loved logo by sm web designs

Web Design Inspiration – As with logos, look to pin less than 10 websites you love. Again these are for inspiration and not to copy. The web designs you have pin will help determine layout styles, certain design elements you like and how your content could be displayed to appeal to your ideal customers/clients.

and finally think about..

Graphic Brand Elements – Look for images featuring graphic elements that reflect how you want your brand to be perceived. This may be illustrations of leaves, birds etc…

Branding - Icon design for Happy Hormone Nutrition by sm web designs


Pinning for Inspiration on Pinterest
Example client inspiration board on Pinterest
How many pins should I pin to my board?

How many pins should I pin to my board?

There is no set number, pinning too many can start to be more of a hinderance than a help! I would keep it to around 40-50 pins across all the areas discussed above. This will give a clear picture of the direction your brand is taking and see if it is what your are looking for. Don’t forget to comment on the Pins where necessary so you and/or your brand design know why you have pinned an image.

Reviewing your board and pins

Once you have pinned enough images on your branding Pinterest board, then you need to leave it and give it 24 hours before you come back to look at it. If everything on there still looks good, great. If not remove those images/pins that aren’t working for you any more.

I finished my board what now?

Once you are happy with the pins on your board it is time to put them together and taking elements start to build a cohesive look that is your brand.

Usually at this stage the branding designer would step in and use the Pinterest board to create a brand inspiration guide outside of Pinterest. This would act as brand guide for the whole project whether it is branding, website design, business cards, social media graphics etc..

I talk through my client’s Pinterest boards with them and then find common elements and themes which encompass the look & feel the client is going for.

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logo mood board by sm web designs
Have a go yourself and create your brand inspiration board. Leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll take look 🙂

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