Susie Bailey Wellness Specialist


Susie Bailey is a Wellness & Mindfulness Specialist, speaker and author, based in Nottingham.

Susie was looking for a rebrand and a website redesign as she felt her current branding and website no longer reflected the direction her business was taking and her personality. She really wanted her brand and website to have a less of a medical feel but to be softer, calming and friendly.

Following an initial consultation I had a clear brief and we started by setting up a shared Pinterest board (Here’s how to create a Pinterest inspiration board) and started pinning colours and images.


Having pinned a good selection of design inspiration images on Pinterest, I looked at them to find a common thread and put together a moodboard for her new branding.

It consisted of warm coastal tones, natural textures and calming, inspirational images as well as a clean sans-serif font.
Website design moodboard for Wellness coach by sm web designs
brand board
Having discussed the moodboard and made some slight revisions I designed the logo concept. This concept was then developed further to produce the overall design style, logo variations, colour palette, texture and fonts. These elements were then used to develop the brand board shown here.
Branding For Susie Bailey Wellness Specialist and coachb y sm web designs
web design

Having made some slight revisions to the moodboard I designed a couple of logo concepts. A concept was selected and developed further to produce the overall design style, colour palette and fonts.

These elements were then used to develop the main logo seen here on the brand board.

Once the logo was finalised, the branding design continued with logo variations and sub marks.

  Below is how the site looked before the website redesign.
Susie Bailey before the website redesign
Susie Bailey wellness coach new website design by sm web designs
Client - Susie Bailey wellness coach Nottingham
“Sarah is talented, creative, open-minded and friendly. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with this lovely lady ☺️❤️. “