LastPass: Free On-line Password Manager

This has been an absolute life saver for me!

Passwords with a name and a number or your child’s date of birth are no longer cutting it when comes to keeping your data secure. Passwords now have to have letters, numbers, symbols, uppercase, lowercase characters to be accepted on most systems. Great for security, but when you have to create and remember these for all online accounts things great tricky!

Just on a personal level the number of passwords I have for bank accounts, email accounts, amazon account, kids swimming portals, the local library..the list goes on. Add the passwords I need to remember for my business; bank account, accounting software, hosting accounts .. its just too much!

I came across this little beauty when I was listening to the Femtreprenuer Podcast (If you are thinking of setting up/selling your own course online, go and give it a listen its a must) and I have been using it ever since.

It’s called LastPass and describes itself as a password manager and as it states on their website you can use it on all your devices for free!

LastPass remembers your passwords for everything!


  Basically, it stores all your accounts and passwords in one LastPass account. So every time you set up something new online which requires a password, LastPass saves it for you and the next time you visit the site to sign in the it fills in the details for you. There is an extension that can be downloaded and added to the browser tool bar which will prompt you to save a password or to input saved login details – brilliant! LastPass remembers your passwords for everything! LastPass offers a security challenge, it scans your account and lets you know which passwords are too weak and updates them to be more secure. LastPass You can sign up here and get 1 month free Premium (up to a limit of 1 year) or set up a free account > https://lastpass.com  

Go on, try it! It’s free, nothing to lose other than the space taken in your head by all your passwords!

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