Web Design & Branding Services

Your business needs a brand identity & website which speaks to your ideal customer
A custom designed website that matches your brand, is professionally done, loved by Google and your customers.
A high-quality logo that can be used across all mediums.
A brand identity that is unique and sets you apart from the competition.

Then I can help.

No matter which service you require you will be working directly with me throughout, unlike with an agency you may not know who will end up working on your project.

For detailed information on my design services please contact me at hello@sm-webdesigns.co.uk and I’d be happy to talk through your requirements.



I have put together a checklist that goes through a review of your website as a whole, technical and legal aspects and page content.

To get the checklist simply fill in the form below :)

Maintaining your WordPress site isn’t just a nice thing to do every now and again. It’s a necessity. sm web designs

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