The importance of being intentional on your website (and in your online business)

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This is a short one from me today, but still important and something you should keep in mind every time you make a change, add something new or remove something from your website. Be intentional on your website.

done on purpose; deliberate.

I really believe in doing things with intention, making a considered decision rather than a snap/panic one.

Whether that’s my client’s websites, my own website, in my business or life in general. Your time and your client’s time is precious, be intentional.

The importance of being intentional on your website (and in your online business) by sm web designs studio

Where to start being intentional on your website?

When I talk about being intentional on your website, what do I mean. I mean that everything you put on your website should be there for a reason, not to fill a space or because you’ve seen someone else.

Every decision you make about your website should be made with your ideal client in mind and staying true to your business values/mission.

Be intentional in your words and language

The language and words on your website should be used with a clear purpose and focus.

Never use ‘We’ if it’s just you, be open and honest.

Don’t be vague or too fluffy as you don’t have long to entice someone further into your online world (website). Make the most of headings and subheadings to get across key information, the problems you help solve.

Be intentional with your website imagery

An image can say a 1,000 words. An image can express emotion, a vibe or an outcome. Be deliberate with the images you use.

Images shouldn’t be there just because you like them! Using images that your ideal client can connect with, aspire to and reflect how you can help them/make them feel if they work with you, will help to convert your ideal client into a paying client.

Be intentional in your website layout

User exprience is key. Intentional/strategic web design guides your visitor through your content, ensuring they have all they need to make the decision to work with you.

Intentional layout/design also guides your ideal client to where they can take action without them having to look for the next step. It’s important not to confuse or overwhelm your website visitors.

Curate your portfolio, past work, case studies to only focus on the results you can achieve and the type of clients you have worked with before and want to work with in the future (your ideal client).

Holly Wood Digital Mentor and Coach By sm web designs studio

Be intentional about the blog posts on your website

tLastly, and I see this a lot, be really intentional with your blog posts. This also relates to marketing in general.

Blogging is great, longterm, straegy to drive people to your website. Really think about how you can give value to your website visitors, make it relevant and targeted, so it attracts those you want to work with.

Being intentional keeps you laser focused and makes it really clear to your website visitors that you are the one to help them.

Write about all aspects of what you do, your knowledge and experience, the hurdles your past clients have overcome working with you. Never post for the sake of it, post with a purpose!

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