When to hire a web designer & when to do it yourself

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I’ve been designing and developing websites for 10 years, and as a professional web designer, it’s always best to invest in a professional. However, there are situations where doing it yourself may be the best option.

I’m going to take you through the pro’s and con’s of both and help you decide which is best for you and your business.

Let’s start with a question. An important question to ask yourself to help with making the decision to go custom web design or doing it yourself is, ‘Where am I at?”.

When to hire a web designer & when to do it yourself

Are you looking at your website and thinking it doesn’t reflect what I’m doing anymore,  maybe your audience has changed and it’s time for a refresh or is your business going online for the first time?

Considering where you are on your business journey is a key factor when considering DIYing your website or calling in a professional.

So, when is it right to DIY your website?

There are a number of factors where DIY’ing your own website could be the right option for you.

  • Just starting out. Or may be your business is less than 2 years old. Your business will be evolving and changing as you test out services or products, so to invest in a custom site could actually be a waste of money at that point.
  • Budget concious. At this stage in your business you simply may not have the budget and doing it yourself is your only option.
  • Time. You have the time to build your website yourself. At this stage of your business you can spare the time to get your business online.
  • You’re happy to go it alone. You enjoy getting stuck in and don’t mind doing the ‘goggling’ to create own site using a website builder such as Squarespace for example or Shopify if you are selling products.

If you answered yes to any of the above and you feel doing it yourself is the way you want to go, check out my Ready Made Websites. These are WordPress templates that I have specifically designed and built with website strategy in mind to help your site generate leads for your business.

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Call in a professional web designer

There comes a time in your business, usually 3+ years in, where your website isn’t working for you anymore.

Maybe you did it yourself and it’s lacking a professional look and strategy. It’s more than likely that your business has evolved and grown where your website hasn’t.

It’s time to make that investment and call in a professional. By hiring a professional web designer you benefit from:

  • Website strategy to ensure your site is built to convert.
  • Business and industry knowledge
  • Design focusing on the users experience and your website goal(s).
  • All the technical stuff is handled by them and you don’t have to worry about it: hosting, SEO, site speed, website security..
  • It lets you focus on what you are good at and bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to you business and target customers.

In the long run it will save you time, money (it should actually help you make more money) and frustration!

If you’re looking to invest in your business and really make your website work hard to generate leads and sales for your business, then let’s chat.

Just because you can do something yourself,  doesn’t mean you should 😉