SEO beginners guide by sm web designs

A free guide to download, covering the basics

Are you doing these 5 things to improve your website SEO & keep Google happy?

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SEO is a subject I get asked about pretty much on a daily basis. It is something that seems to cunjour up fear into people. They have been told they need it, that its important so they get found on the internet but have no clear guidelines of what/how to go about it.

I’m not going to lie, SEO can get complicated and it’s always better to get an expert involved, that said there are some simple actions you can take yourself, right now!

This free 7 page SEO beginners guide will help you get started (10 min read). Read it below or click the button to download.

5 Step SEO Checklist by sm web designs

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If you have questions about implementing any of the SEO steps into your website hope on a free 30 min clarity call and I’d love to chat to you.