How to set up Zoom & use it in your business

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Zoom is a brilliant platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

It is free software that you can download onto your desktop, laptop and they even have a mobile app so you can host or take part in a video/audio conference or webinar anytime, anywhere.

In this post I’m going to go through;

  • Zoom pros & cons
  • how I use Zoom in my business
  • how to set up a free zoom account
  • how to schedule your own Zoom call/meeting

Sign up for free here > https://zoom.us/

‘Why don’t you use Skype?’ I hear you cry. Well, the fact that you can record your Zoom sessions and the encryption is better.

How to set-up Zoom and use it in your business

Zoom Pros & Cons

Zoom offers a basic plan and a more comprehensive paid plan. I have been using Zoom for over a year and the free basic plan has everything I need.



The basic plan is free, can host a maximum of 100 participants and offers one-on-one meetings with unlimited time.

With the basic plan, you can:

  • Conduct group meets for up to 40 minutes
  • Have an unlimited number of meetings
  • Get online support
  • Enjoy video and web conferencing features
  • Be sure of secure group collaboration
  • It can link to your online Calendar and Dropbox



As far as I’m concerned, the only down side to the free Zoom plan is the 40 min time restriction on group meetings!

How i use zoom in my business

I love Zoom and use it pretty much everyday in my business, from my 30 min free consult calls, hour long design & strategy calls to full on website user training at the end of a project.

I also use it to do live website revision sessions as part of my development process.

If you want to improve your conversion rate from your website, I highly recommend offering a free Zoom call. You get to see your potential client, really see if you can help them and if they are the type of client you are looking to work with in a short 30 min call. If you’re a good match for each other you can get them booked in/deposit paid there and then!

Zoom Training

How to set up a free zoom account

Below I show you how to set up your free Zoom account and the quick video from Zoom shows you how to join a meeting when you receive a meeting invitation.

Setting up your free Zoom account. Excuse the video, I’m not a natural on camera!

Zoom security basics.

How to join a Zoom meeting.

How to schedule your first Zoom meeting

A quick one minute video by Zoom showing you how to set up a meeting in Zoom.

How to set up (schedule) your own Zoom meeting

Getting to grips with the meeting controls 

More Zoom tutorials can be found here: https://zoom.us/resources

Looking for more tools to automate and make the day to day running of your business easier thene have a look at these articles on business resources and online tools.

My aim is always to work smarter, not harder in my business and Zoom is definitely a tool that helps me do that.

If you have questions about how Zoom could work for your business or would like to know more about my branding and web design services, I offer a free consultation and would be happy to chat to you.