Morning, it’s a lovely, fresh, snowy day today. Speaking of things being fresh and continuing my mini series of guides and website basics, I’m talking through why it is important to keep it updated.

Gone are the days when you get your website designed and built, its goes live and you do nothing more to it. Your website is a key arm of your business and needs care and attention if you want to move up the Google search results.

Keep it fresh, keep it safe

Why invest in a website (or anything) and not make the most of it or worse let it get hacked and you lose it all! No matter what platform your website is built on, it is vital to keep the technology behind it up to date.

As I specialise in wordPress, the rest of this post will focus on keeping WordPress websites up to date. You can read more about WordPress in a previous blog post.



As WordPress is open source. This means that any developer can study the source code to learn and improve it and less reputible developers (hackers) can find weaknesses.  This means that WordPress is constantly being updated and improved.

Each update gives your website bug fixes, new features, improve performance, and enhancements to existing features . This enables your website to stay up to date with new industry standards.


Why it's important to keep your WordPress site updated
So when you don’t keep your WordPress website updated, you are risking your website security and missing out on any new features and improvements.

These updates need to be done regularly so that your WordPress site looks and works the way you intended. Visitors/potential customers to your site will not be drawn to contact you or buy from you if your website is displaying errors or not loading at all.


How to update WordPress

If you don’t have an agreement with your web designer/developer to take the stress away and do any WordPress and plugin updates for you, then this short video will show you how.

When making any updates to I always make a full back up first, just incase an update causes a conflict/issue within the website. I recommend Backup Buddy or BlogVault* which I use on all my maintenance plans. I don’t know if there is any hard and fast rule about which order to update in, but generally it should be;

Plugins > Themes > WordPress

Once all updates have completed, check your site is looking and working as it should and then make another back up and you’re done!

I’m worried I will mess something up!

I hear this a lot or simply ‘I just don’t have the time to do it’. So, let me take the stress away and do monthly updates and back ups for you.

Have a look at the monthly maintenance plans I offer and have total peace of mind that your investment is secure and provides the best experience for your visitors.

If you have questions on website/WordPress updates and maintenance I’d be happy to answer them. Leave a comment or get in touch!

* This is an affiliate link, but I never recommend anything I don’t use myself 🙂

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